Voice of the GoatCactus

User Manual

Written by D. David "GoatCactus" Cumming

Copyright © 2003 GoatCactus Software

Part 1: Studio Window

Part 2:Settings

Part 3: License

The GoatCactus wishes to express his gratitude to the following people, organizations and products that made it possible to create, debug, polish and distribute Voice of the GoatCactus:


Philippa Cumming; testing


Jean Cumming, Ian Cumming, Amelia Kearns, Fran Alley, Tavia Audia, Manraj Nagra, Karen Noel-Bentley; evaluation, suggestions and feedback.


REAL Software; REALbasic

Einhugur Software (Bjorn Eiriksson); StyleGrid, e-CryptIt Engine plugins

BitJuggler Software (Thomas Reed); App Bundler, MwRBButton

Charles Yeomans; StandardAlert

Scott Forbes; Aqua About Box

The La Jolla Underground (Brady Duga); Pulp

Will Cosgrove; Panther double help menu fix


Stick Software (Ben Haller); Aquatint

Wireframe Software (Noah Desch); Icon Brush

Lemke Software; GraphicConverter

Ambrosia Software; Snapz Pro X

Softpress Systems; Freeway Express


MindVision; eSellerate

BlackSun Webhosting


Matt Neuburg; REALbasic: The Definitive Guide

RbDeveloper Magazine

All the helpful folks on the REALbasic mailing lists


Leslie Taylor, who taught The GoatCactus all he knows about music.

Paul H. LeBlond and Daniel R. Brooks, who actually paid The GoatCactus to think about self-organization.

The integers themselves, whose intrinsic properties of self-organization power Voice of the GoatCactus's creativity.